Virus Pattern Coupon Codes 2018

Virus Pattern Coupon Codes 2018

Hello Everyone!

I have decided to create a couple coupon codes to use on my Virus patterns for visiting my blog. These coupon codes will work on my Ravelry shop.

Just as my other codes make sure to share this post or direct to my blog if you want to tell your friends! I really appreciate it.  Don’t just share the code. I really love new people getting to check out my blog.

Disclaimer: I use affiliate links. Which means that if you click on one of the product links I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting this Blog and YouTube channel!

So grab your crochet hooks, some yarn and keep reading for the codes!

The first one here is the bundle code. VIRUSBUNDLE

This great deal includes the following patterns:

Original Virus Blanket

Rectangle Virus Blanket

2 Corner Virus Poncho

4 Corner Virus Poncho

And the Virus Hat

Using the coupon code you will get $4 off. So basically one pattern free!

So all 5 patterns for $17. ( That’s less than $3ea!)

This coupon will run until December 30th 2018. 

If you love this run right over to my SHOP

The second Coupon I am running is for the Original Virus Blanket. YAY! It is the second coupon I have created for this blanket for visiting my Blog. The super sweet thing about it this time, is it is 15% off not only 5% off!

That’s a whole 10% more!

This super sweet deal only runs until April 30th. So share this post to tell your friends.

Use coupon code VIRUS2018 at my SHOP 

Thank you SO much for the visit.

I hope you are having a lovely crochet day,



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  1. What a great post, would you consider doing a virus sweater?

    1. I have one in the works! I will be doing a video and a written pattern. Thank you for the visit!

  2. Is the Virus Pattern copy right protected?

    1. Yes it is.

  3. Hi Jonna, just purchased the Virus Blanket pattern and it looks great! Just one thing, it doesn’t seem to state yarn weight or the yardage needed, can you help? Thanks!

    1. Hello,
      Thank you for purchasing the virus blanket pattern.
      The reason I did not include a hook or yarn is because you could use extra bulky yarn or thread to make this pattern.

      What I recommend is choosing a yarn and then using a size hook smaller than what is recommended for the yarn.
      I hope this helps.

      Please let me know if you have any other questions, I’m happy to help.
      Have a lovely crochet day.

  4. Hi Jonna, I just purchased your square virus blanket. I started working on it and base round b states there are 40 DC – great! but (isn’t there always a “but”) mine won’t lay flat. I started over 3 times, hoping it was my tension but (there’s that but again) it’s still won’t lay flat. I’ve just started row 2 so I’m at the beginning. Any pointers? Thanks, Cindy

    1. You can go own a hook size, but that is very typical of this pattern. It is not an iron straight project. Generally as it gets bigger it pulls itself out. You can also block it to help too.

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