Easiest Hat Ever Pattern
Easiest hat ever no pom pom

Easiest Hat Ever Pattern

Hello everyone! So my inspiration for this hat came from Knitcrate’s December box. It was a super bulky (6) style yarn and I never use that kind of yarn. So I whipped up this hat ( below) . The blue is so great I actually wish I had blue eyes! And it is 100% wool making it the coziest hat I own.

Knitcrate December yarn

I will be sharing the pattern for this hat right here on the blog, but if you want to use this pattern without wifi and avoid seeing ads I have also added this pattern to my Etsy And Ravelry shops. Your purchase helps support my channel and this blog. Thank you.

Free Tutorial also Available: Right handed & Left Handed

Hometown USA by Lion Brand Yarn

One size fits most adults. This Unisex hat can be great with or without a pom-pom and works up very fast with the super bulky yarn.
You are welcome to sell any finished hats, made by yourself. Please respect this pattern as a whole, including instructions, words, and photographs. Do not share, copy, post or distribute in any way, electronic or other will infringe on my right as the author and creator of this pattern. Thank you for respecting the hard work that has gone into designing this pattern.

Thank you and I hope you have lots of fun with this pattern!!
NOTES: • Turning chain does NOT count as a stich. • Gauge is 10 hdc, 4 rows measure 4×4 inches

st = stitch ch = chain sl st = slip stitch hdc = half double crochet hdcBLO = half double crochet back loop only

• 120yards of super bulky (6) yarn. I used 2 skeins of Hometown USA by Lion Brand in Chicago Charcoal. • L (8.00MM) crochet hook • Scissors • Pom-pom 4-5 inches (optional)

MAKE you’re own faux fur pom-pom using my tutorial HERE

To Begin:
Create a slip knot.

Ch 27.

Row 1: hdc into 3rd ch from the hook and into each ch. (25 hdc) ch 2 turn.

Row 2-23: hdcBLO into each st. ch 2, turn.

Fold hat in half so ribs are vertical.

Sl st up the work to close. Snip yarn with 10 inch tail to close top of hat.

Weave yarn using hook around top of hat. I like to hook on the ribs only.

This causes the hat to close off very smoothly. Check out my video for footage of this getting pulled together.

That is all! I hope you enjoy making this super quick, cozy and easy hat. Thank you for the visit. Have a lovely crochet day, Jonna

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  1. Hi, i am very happy to say that i am a beginner and i have done the easiest hat ever. I followed all the steps that are easy to understand and follow, but the finished product is not big enough, it fits a baby or a doll. 🙂 I am wondering how many stitches do i have to do for it to fit a adult?

    1. Hello! you must have used tiny yarn. Make sure your yarn is a super bulky (6) yarn. You can find this info most of the tie on the yarn wrapper.That way the hat will fit. Thank you for the visit!!

    2. I also had the same problem Denise. I’m just going to keep on crocheting the roads back-and-forth until the head is big enough for my head

  2. Beautiful yarn and designs!

  3. Hi! Thank you for your patterns! Just finished mittens for my daughter and now moving on to this hat for me. I am modifying it to use the yarn I have. Do you happen to know the dimensions of the rectangle before you slip stitch it up? Thanks!

  4. I also found that with 23 rows this will only fit a baby or a bitty baby doll. I am using super bulky, and the correct crocheting hook size. I am just going to keep on doing the rose until the handle fit maybe after I fold it in half

    1. Make sure your hat ribs are going up and down not side to side. And also if you are not using a bulky yarn this hat will not be the same size. Thank you for the visit!

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