Straight Edge On Virus Projects

Straight Edge On Virus Projects

Hello everyone!

So in this post I will be explaining (with some photos and text) how I added a straight edge to my virus blanket.

Video has been released HERE

You can do this to your two corner virus poncho, your four corner virus poncho and even your virus shawls.

Please NOTE* With the virus shawls you will have to turn after each row.

To start you will need:

The hook you used for your project or a hook a little bigger. The larger hook may help your edge to lay more flat. If it’s not laying flat, give it a good tug or read though this post and see how you can add extra stitches.

Now to begin~ 

You will need to have completed the double crochet chain 1 double crochet round of your work.

Single crochet into the first chain 1 space, and into the next 6 chain 1 spaces. Skipping over the double crochets of the previous round.

(I apologize for the lack of photos here I will be adding more to this post)

Next hdc into the following ch 1 space, dc into the next, and then treble crochet into the very center of your valley where the two dc touch.

Now go up the other side, dc into the next ch 1 space, hdc into the following.

Place 5 sc over the small arch.

Then, fill in the next valley just like your last. hdc, dc, Treble, dc, hdc, then 5 sc over the next small arch.

Once you reach the 20 dc for the corners you want to fill in the valley right before it.

hdc, dc, Treble, dc, hdc, next 7sc two sc into the same space ( HERE you can add three stitches if it does not want to lay flat in the corners.) 7 sc then your next valley.

So for a recap.

all valleys have hdc, dc, Treble, dc, hdc.

All small arches have 5 sc…………….

*now here again if your work is not laying flat. Place 2 of your sc, then in the next chain 1 space, add two sc instead of one, then 2 more sc. so over each arch you will have 6 sc not 5.

(I will add photos of this)*

Large arches have 7sc, then 2 or 3 sc into the same space, 7sc.

To end you will add 2 sc( or three)  into the last chain 1 space.

I hope to make this lovely border even more clear with a video and more photos here on my blog.

Thank you for your patience.

Please send me a message on Facebook if you are having lots of trouble. I’d be happy to help. I’ve only tested this myself so it may not work for everyone.

Thank you so much for reading and have a lovely crochet day.

All the best to you,