Call The Midwife Inspired Blanket

Call The Midwife Inspired Blanket

 Afghan Inspired by BBC’s Call The Midwife


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This beautifully detailed Afghan is inspired by the gorgeous crochet baby blanket found in BBC’s Call The Midwife TV show. 

It’s fun to work up and I designed the pattern to be made any size you desire!

I also find it is SO lovely in lots of colors! Make sure to tag me in your Instagram pics so I can see your work 😉

I’ve created a Printable written pattern HERE and also have a photo tutorial if you continue reading 🙂 You can watch my YouTube VIDEO too!  

Now this pattern is also available in Danish. Big thank you to Bente Mim Poulsen for translating this pattern. 

You can print off that pattern HERE

Udskriv / download mønsteret på Dansk HER - tak til Bente Mim Poulsen, som har oversat mit mønster 

Ok, like I said earlier you can make this blanket in any size. The yarn you choose will matter a great deal when choosing your blanket size. Lighter yarns will make smaller blankets. Making a gauge swatch is a big help. Use the hook recommended for the yarn or something close.

You then figure out how many “blocks’ you want your blankets width to be then you will crochet it as long as you wish. (It’s really not as complicated as it sounds) 

Once your base blanket is complete you will add the luxurious border that I added to mine. The border can be made shorter or longer than mine as well. 

This Afghan has amazing potential for personalizing! 

Lets talk Blocks. These “blocks” are worked all together not sewn together. Your base blocks will be your width and if you choose to add the border it will make your blanket even wider. 

You will need to come up with a base chain. Each “block’ is worth 15 stitches, and each space will be worth 2, and you will have 6 on the right side and 3 on the left side. I like to do this on paper like this~

Here are some base chains you could start with. 2 and 3 blocks are great gauge swatches and practice pieces. 

2 blocks = 41     3 blocks = 58     4 blocks = 75     5 blocks = 92     

6 blocks = 109     7 blocks = 126     8 blocks = 143     9 blocks = 160     

10 blocks = 177

This will give you a great start. 🙂 Make a slip knot, choose your chain number and chain away! 

Row 1. Double crochet into the 7th chain from your hook. 

* Ch 1, skip 1 Ch, DC into next *Repeat until you have 8 DC & 7 ch spaces. (chain at the beginning does not count) Ch 2, skip 2ch-this will be the spacer between the blocks. *DC, ch 1, skip 1 ch, DC into next *Repeat until you have 8 DC & 7 chain spaces. Then ch 2, skip 2 ch. for another spacer. Repeat each BL to end. END Place your last DC. You should have 3 ch remaining. ch 2. DC into your last st. ch 4 turn.

Here is row one complete~

Row 2. Skip ch2 space, DC into next 15 st.* ( these st are the 8DC and the 7 ch spaces.)Ch 2 skip 2 ch (spacer) *repeat each BL to end. END- ch 2 DC into 3rd chain of ch 4. Ch 4 turn.

Row 3▫Skip ch2 space, *DC into next 6 DC, ch3 skip 3 st, DC into next 6 DC of BL. Ch 2 skip 2* for spacer repeat to end. END- ch 2 DC into 3rd chain of ch 4. Ch 4 turn.

 Row 4▫ Skip ch 2 space. *DC into next 4 DC, Skip 2 DC, ch 4, sc into 2nd ch of ch3, ch 4, skip remaing ch space and 2 DC. DC into last 4 DC of BL.* Ch 2 (Spacer.) *Repeat all BL. END- ch 2 DC into 3rd chain of ch 4. Ch 4 turn.

Row 5▫Skip Ch 2 Space. *DC into next 4 DC. DC into next 2 ch of previous ch4, (now you should have 6 DC)  Ch 3, Next DC into last ch2 of 2nd ch4 of previous round. DC last 4 DC.* ( you will have another 6 DC) Ch2 (spacer) Repeat all BL. END- ch 2 DC into 3rd chain of ch 4. Ch 4 turn.

Row 6▫Skip ch2 space *DC into each st. (15 DC) you will be placing a DC into each of the ch 3. Ch 2 (spacer) *repeat all BL. END- ch 2 DC into 3rd chain of ch 4. Ch 4 turn.

Row 7▫Skip ch 2 space *DC, ch 1, skip one st, DC* repeat across BL. (You will have 8 DC and 7 Ch 7 spaces.) ch 2 (spacer)  Repeat each BL. END- ch 2 DC into 3rd chain of ch 4. Ch 4 turn.

Row 8 to Finish~ Repeat rows 2-7 until desired length of Afghan.?Always finish with row 7 ?

?Now you can start your border! ?

1. Base row. sc, half double crochet or DC all the way around your Afghan. Place 2 st into each corner. 

2.  V st around Afghan. Placing two V st’s in the corners next to each other- V st explanation= *DC ch1 DC into same st. skip 1 or 2 st *repeat around. 

Here is a photo example of a corner.

3. Place a V st into each V st around. When you get to the corners you will place a V st into both V st’s and place TWO V st’s in between the two V st’s already there. See photo for better understanding. 

4.- make as many V st rounds as you like. 

5. Shell Row. *Place 7 DC into first V st. sc into next* repeat around. 

❤Thank you for choosing my pattern! I hope you LOVE your new Afghan. Please watch my YouTube video on this afghan and make sure to comment like and share away! 

Have a lovely crochet day xox ~Jonna Of Siena’s Maine Design❤

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