Beautiful Shells In one Color

Beautiful Shells In one Color

So after many questions on how to crochet the beautiful shells blanket in one color, I’ve finally created a video on how to do it.

You can view the video HERE

I also have a video in two colors HERE and the rectangle version of this blanket HERE

So if you’re still reading and haven’t started one of my video links above I will say that this blanket is very very very addicting and you’ll want to make more than one!!!

Disclaimer: I use affiliate links. Which means that if you click on one of the product links I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting this Blog and YouTube channel!

You can also create pillow covers ect with this pattern.😍

These blankets have two repeating rows, if you know me I love naming rows to keep track if they repeat….haha….. it may have something to do with all the farm animals I had growing up, who knows, stuffs go to have a name right? Numbers are no fun! But anywhoooo I like to call the V stitch row the “frame work round” Or the “V stitch round”

Then you have the “shell round” this round has all of your double crochets into your V stitches.

You can also google images for this blanket if you’re not sure what colors to go with.

I used Red Heart super saver in heather gray and the cream is a shimmer yarn by Red Heart. You can see all the sparkles. ☆☆☆☆

This is my Rectangle Shells blanket.

Pattern HERE

For this blanket I’m using Red Heart super saver in white and Caron Cakes yarn in Bumble Berry.

It is so yummy! And is part wool but so very soft!

These are the links I found for the Beautiful shells blanket and afghan Pattern



Well I’ll let you get to crocheting!!

Have fun with it!

And Thank you so much for stopping by.



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