Crochet Classic Winter Mittens

Crochet Classic Winter Mittens

How To Crochet Classic Winter Mittens

Pattern Provided By Drops Design

Video By Jonna Martinez

These mittens are so much fun to make! In an afternoon you can have them all ready to go play in the snow!

I made mine XS-S size using this gray/blue yarn I found on Ebay. It is Up-cycled yarn. I believe it used to be a sweater! You can also find yarn like this on Etsy.

I did have to wash the yarn and roll it into a cake when I got it, but all in all I am very happy that it made these beautiful mittens!!

I also used a G 4.25MM Crochet hook

A yarn needle,


flexible tape measure

and 4 lovely metal buttons. The buttons (shown) are Dill Buttons and 23MM

I hope you enjoy the video!

I think that my Busy Mom hat ( ponytail hat) goes great with these mittens too!

Thank you so much for the visit! Please make sure to watch my video and leave me a comment here!

Have a lovely crochet day!

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